Household Hazardous Waste Collection has arrived!!  Mark your calendar.  October 24th @ 8am.. here at Windham Solid Waste & at the old high school in Wilmington, VT.. Click here for details..

ATTENTION:  Brattleboro residents, please call 802-251-8103 with any curbside collection issues.

Are you looking for a curbside collection bin?  Please call the number above if you’re a Brattleboro resident!  If you’re looking for a kitchen bin or a backyard compost bin, please click here.

PLEASE NOTE:  Recycling and composting is FREE, however, an access sticker MUST be purchased to use the facility.  The cost is $40 and available at the scale house during regular business hours.    

Transfer station hours are Monday-Friday, 7am to 3pm and Saturdays 8am-1pm

The transfer station closes at 3pm on weekdays and 1pm on Saturday.  Please try and time your visit to allow us to close the facility on time and be able to process your waste!  We appreciate you and your commitment to recycling and look forward to serving you throughout the year.  Thank You!


Contact us with any questions about your disposal needs.

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