Transfer Station hours are NOT affected by the Governor’s new Covid regulations, however, the WSWMD Offices will only be open Monday to Thursday, effective 11/16/2020. 

Please wear a mask and practice safe social distancing while using the facility

Brattleboro curbside compost bins are ONLY available through the Town office. 

Please call 802-251-8103. 

If you’re looking for a kitchen bin or a backyard compost bin, please click here.


Food Scrap Diversion

Compost Facility/

ATTENTION:  Brattleboro residents, please call 802-251-8103 with any curbside collection issues. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Recycling and composting is FREE, however, an access sticker MUST be purchased to use the facility.  The cost is $40 and available at the scale house during regular business hours.