There are six items that must be recycled statewide:

Statewide Six Website

*6 Hard Plastics – include plastic containers #1 & #2 only

Have these recyclables picked up curbside or drop them off at a transfer station or recycling center. 


In addition, some municipalities or private waste haulers will also accept additional materials, such as plastic containers #3 – #7.  Residents and businesses should contact their municipality and/or waste hauler to find out exactly what is collected and to find out how the recyclables are to be separated.  For more specific information in your community, please follow the link below:

Brattleboro                                   Marlboro                                     Wardsboro

Brookline                                      Newfane                                     Westminster

Dover                                           Putney                                        Wilmington

Dummerston                                Readsboro                                  WSWMD

Guilford                                        Stratton                                      

Halifax                                         Townshend

Jamaica                                       Vernon


Recycling Dos & Don’ts

    • Do rinse recyclable containers clean. They don’t have to be perfect—just free of most residue.
    • Do breakdown and fold large cardboard boxes.
    • Don’t put anything smaller than two inches on two sides in your recycling bin. 
    • Don’t place plastic bags in the recycling bin. Bags clog up the sorting machines.

  • Don’t put anything with leftover food on it in the recycling. 
  • Don’t place styrofoam in the recycling. Vermont recycling facilities don’t accept styrofoam.


When in doubt, throw it out!

It’s better than trashing the recycling bin. 


Numbers on Plastic Containers: What Do They Mean?

Recycling Numbers  

Ever wonder what the recycling number on your plastic containers really mean. Find out here: Plastic Recycling Numbers.



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