Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law

(Act 148)

“Universal Recycling” (Act 148) is the Vermont solid waste legislation that focuses on recyclables and food waste. Over seven years, between 2014 and 2020, the Universal Recycling mandates were phased in. On July 1, 2020, all listed recyclables, leaf and yard debris, clean wood scraps, and food scraps became illegal to throw away in the trash.

To learn more about mandated recyclables, materials banned from the landfill, collection services that are required by law, and the food scrap reduction hierarchy, please view the Act 148 Summary Sheet.

For more information on the law please visit Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law

Materials Banned from Vermont Landfills

The following items have been banned from Vermont Landfills and must be properly disposed of through your solid waste district, town transfer station or a permitted waste hauler:

To download a copy of the Vermont State Law Disposal Bans Poster, please visit Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation.

Vermont Waste NOT Guide (What to do with items that are banned from the trash)

To download a copy of Vermont’s Waste Not Guide, please visit Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation.