Swap Shop Open Saturday!

The Swap Shop is open Saturdays from 8:30AM to 12:00 PM, but the WSWMD Scalehouse/Transfer Station is also open Saturday from 8AM until the gate closes at 1:00PM. The Swap Shop will be only open on the second Saturday of the month starting in November – April.

The Swap Program volunteers decide whether or not the material presented will be accepted. The volunteers must check everyone’s materials upon arrival. Since the Swap Program is not a free dumping area, any trash or discarded items must go to the scalehouse to be checked in there, and a pass or sticker and fees will apply if you are diposing of any trash.

If you have any large items or questions about items that you would like to bring, please email the Swap Program:  swapshop@windhamsolidwaste.org

Our Mission

The WSWMD Swap Program on Old Ferry Road provides a free outlet for materials that are still usable but for which there is no traditional re-use program. People are asked to use all other available outlets before bringing items to the Swap Shop.

Our Intent

To make items available to all persons, for their personal use, and not to allow one or a few persons to monopolize the facility. Therefore, any Swap Program Volunteer has the right to restrict or refuse an individual’s access to the facility for whatever reason. The Swap Program is not intended to be a resource for dealers or metal salvagers.

Materials Accepted

The Swap Program volunteers decide whether or not the material presented will be accepted.  WSWMD does not want the Swap Program to become a free dumping ground.

Due to the need to close promptly at noon, donations may not be accepted after 11:45am.

If you have large items or any questions about items that you would like to bring, please email the Swap Program:  swapshop@windhamsolidwaste.org

This list will be updated from time to time.

* Sports Equipment;

* Construction materials: eg lumber, bricks, blocks, electric wire, outlet boxes;

* Non-upholstered furniture: eg chairs, tables, bed frames, small tables, book cases;

* Lawn and garden furniture and equipment;

* Household items: eg dishes, kitchen ware, lamps, frames, utensils;

* Plumbing: sinks, pipes & fittings, hoses;

* Cabinets, shelves, counters;

* Small household appliances: eg toaster, toaster oven, iron, blender, mixer;

* Tools: eg construction – hand and power;

* Gas engine equipment: eg lawn mower, snowblower;

* Toys (complete and put together);

* Complete windows, doors;

* Usable paints and stains (during summer months only); and

* Books (not text books or encyclopedias)

Unacceptable Items

These are examples of items we usually cannot accept. At times there may be additional items we cannot accept due to space or other considerations. These items may be put on Freecycle.

* Appliances: eg refrigerators, cook stoves, washers, dryers, air conditioners; upholstered furniture;

* Mattresses;

* Clothing;

* Tires;

* Computers; and

* Toilets


    1. Use other available outlets (such as thrift stores, consignment shops) before bringing things to the Swap Program.
    2. Items must be in working order.
    3. A Swap Program Volunteer will decide if the item will be accepted.
    4. Acceptable items may vary depending on space and other considerations.
    5. You can check with a Swap Program Volunteer for acceptability before bringing an item in.
    6. Only Swap Program Volunteers will attend to the delivering vehicles.
    7. No idling of vehicles.
    8. Only Swap program Volunteers are to be in the office and receiving area.
    9. Items accepted may go directly into the office for later distribution.
    10. All items are offered without warranty of any kind.

Program is for residential/personal use only… not commercial or resale. 

No smoking allowed in Swap Program building or immediate area.

Visitors are encouraged to submit new ideas or suggestions to Swap Program Volunteers.

Questions and Information:   Email:  swapshop@windhamsolidwaste.org