Access Stickers & Day Passes: Available At The Scalehouse

Access stickers are valid for one year from July 1st through June 30th. The sticker allows access to the facility for all of your recycling, composting and solid waste needs. The cost is $40 and it may be purchased at the scale house.  Stickers are not pro-rated and will cost the full amount at any point throughout the year.

Trash disposal fees are above and beyond the cost of an access sticker or day pass and is NOT included in the price.

We accept cash, checks or debit/credit cards.  (Please note, we do charge a 3% processing fee on all card sales)

If you don’t have an access sticker you may purchase a day pass for $15.00 The day pass allows you to use the facility for one day and disposal fees will apply, if there are any.

An Access Sticker or Day Pass is not required for the following items: