Access Stickers And Day Passes: Available At The Scalehouse

Access stickers are valid for one year from July 1st, through June 30th. They are not prorated and are renewable every year. These stickers let you use the facility for all of your recycling, composting, and solid waste needs. The cost is $35 (plus $1.00 service fee)= $36.00, and it may be purchased at the scalehouse. You will also need to pay for your disposal costs when applicable, and you will be allowed to write a check, pay with cash, or credit card. There is an additional 3% fee to use a credit/debit card. The sticker does not have to be affixed to the vehicle. You may bring the sticker with you.

You will need an annual access sticker or a day pass to recycle, compost and to dispose of your trash at WSWMD.  Recyling materials include: mixed paper, newspaper, cardboard, glass jars, bottles, aluminum, steel cans and plastic containers. Please separate glass jars and bottles. Also, separate cardboard and boxboard (cake mix box). We have separate dumpsters for these items as well as for returnable bottles and cans. Through our association with Putney Road redemption, local charities receive donations from your returnable cans and bottles.

If you don’t have an access sticker you may purchase a day pass for $10.00 (plus $1.00 service fee)= $11.00. The day pass allows you to use the facility for one day and disposal fees will apply, if there are any.

An Access Sticker or Day Pass is not required for the following items: