Motor Oil (Used)*

Used motor oil is banned from Vermont landfills.  We will accept up to 5 gallons per visit during normal business hours. 

The oil must be strictly used or unused oil and not contaminated with gasoline, antifreeze, dirt, water, etc. 

We will also take heating oil, hydraulic oil and engine motor oil.  We cannot take oil and gasoline mixtures from a two-stroke engine.

Make sure your oil is being dropped off in a container(s) with a lid that closes.  No open buckets or drain pans full of oil will be accepted. 

Please go to the Scale house upon arrival to the facility. 

Cost: There is no cost for used motor oil–(unless it’s contaminated, then it would be subjected to a Hazardous Waste Collection and will have a disposal fee attached during a collection event).

*A day pass or access sticker is required to recycle used oil.