What to Bring


Antifreeze, motor oil, gasolineHousehold Hazardous Waste Image

Aerosol, arts/craft, auto paints


Brake fluid

Car wax & polishes

Chemistry sets

Cleaners/spot removers

Drain & toilet cleaners

Driveway sealer

Fertilizer (chemical)

Fuel additives

Herbicides, pesticides

Moth balls

Muriatic acid

Paint thinners & strippers

Pool chemicals

Roofing tar


What NOT to Bring

  • Paint products (free year-round disposal at WSWMD)
  • Batteries, unwanted electronics, fluorescent lights (free year-round disposal at WSWMD)
  • Ammunition/explosives/fireworks
  • Medical waste, syringes
  • Mercury containing devices (free year-round disposal at WSWMD)
  • Radioactive waste

Download the flyer: 101919 WSWMD HHW Flyer