Windham Solid Waste Management District (WSWMD)

            Brattleboro, Vermont

                      Finance Committee Meeting

                       Via ZOOM/ In Person

                   Draft Minutes of November 12, 2020


Committee Members Present: Merrill Mundell, Wilmington (Committee Chair); Michelle Cherrier, Dummerston; Russell Hodgkins, Westminster; Patrick Moreland, Brattleboro; and James Damato, Readsboro, in person.

Committee Members Absent: None.

WSWMD Staff Present:  Robert Spencer, Executive Director, in person; Vicki Hayes, Office Manager/Bookkeeper /District Clerk, via zoom.


Others Present: None.


Mr. Mundell called the meeting to order at 5:58 P.M.


  1. Changes and/or Additions to the Agenda:


  1. Approval of Minutes – October 8th and October 22nd, 2020.


Patrick moved to approve the minutes of October 8th as written, Michelle seconded.

Motion was carried with one abstention, Jim Damato.


Michelle moved to approve the minutes of October 22nd as written, Russ seconded.

Motion was carried with one abstention, Jim Damato.


  1. Review of Check Register – October 2020: Check number 28096 was discussed.  The description only reflected one invoice the check was for multiple invoices.  Michelle question the personal property expense on check number 28053 to Symquest, Vicki explained that the tax was assessed annually on the lease.  Patrick confirmed.  Bob mentioned that the expense for check number 28103 will be covered by the HHW Depot grant.


Patrick moved to recommend the approval of the check register to the Board of Supervisors, Jim seconded.  Motion was carried.


  1. Review of Financial Statement- October 2020: Vicki and Bob discussed the highlights of the monthly results.  Bob mentioned the strong revenue to date from the compost operations.   The continuing surplus was noted.


Patrick moved to recommend the approval of the Financial Statement to the Board of Supervisors, Jim seconded.  The motion was carried.

  1. Review of FY 22 Budget and Capital Plan:  Vicki explained her plan to set aside cash for each transaction in which Capital is designated for the Capital Fund on the balance sheet.  She had verified the plan with the Tyler Kimberly the auditor and they are in agreement, and state that a motion is not needed.   This resolved concern that funds could be used for other things when that was not the intention.  Bob mentioned that the charter expresses the need to set up a Capital Fund.

There being no changes since the last budget review by this committee, Jim recommended that the FY22 Budget and Capital Plan be recommended for approval by the Board of Supervisors.  Michelle seconded and the motion was carried.


  1. Executive Session (if needed):


  1. Next Meeting: The Finance Committee will attend the Public Hearing at 6:30PM on December10th, prior to the Board Meeting.


  1. Other Business: Bob gave an update on the compost capacity permit issue. He discussed the need to turn away Keene State organics at this point.  This will be an 8 thousand revenue loss.  The staff is currently confirming the incoming compost from all sources in cubic yardage rather than tonnage.


The possibility of setting up a second location with a second permit was discussed.  This will be pursued by Bob.  It is possible the District could lease some land from LongFalls Paper, which is conveniently located to the current site.


  1. Adjournment: At 6:42 PM




Minutes submitted by,




Vicki Hayes

District Clerk