Windham Solid Waste Management District (WSWMD)

Brattleboro, Vermont

Executive Board, Policy & Personnel, and Finance Committees Meeting

(Via Zoom)

Draft Minutes of November 5, 2020


Members Present: Michelle Cherrier, Dummerston; Russell Hodgkins, Westminster; Nancy Meinhard, Wardsboro; Patrick Moreland, Brattleboro; Merrill Mundell, Wilmington; Dan Toomey, Putney.


WSWMD Staff Present:  Robert Spencer, Executive Director


Others Present: Kim Nace, and Abe Noe-Hayes, Rich Earth Institute; Carol Granfield, Municipal Resources, Inc.


Michelle called the meeting to order at 5:35 P.M. Bob will be taking minutes since Vicki could not attend. Bob did a roll call of members, and a quorum was present.


  1. Changes and/or Additions to the Agenda: None


  1. Executive Board Approval of Rich Earth Institute Lease:

Bob said that the Board of Supervisors voted at the October 8 meeting to authorize the Executive Board to approve the lease subject to a couple clarifications from Sky Solar, and that Sky Solar had provided two letters stating they would remove the two electrical generators by the end of December 2020, and that the land under the generators would revert to WSWMD. Bob obtained a legal opinion from WSWMD attorney Dan Richardson that affirmed that both letters were sufficient, and that opinion was distributed to all 3 committees. There was a brief discussion with Patrick and Merrill agreeing with the opinion, although Merrill acknowledged that both letters were not as legally binding as he would have liked.


Patrick made a motion that the Executive Committee approve the amended lease, Russ seconded, and motion carried unanimously (Michelle, Patrick, Merrill, Dan).


  1. Discuss Implementation of Salary and Wage Study Recommendations- Carol Granfield, MRI.

Michelle welcomed Carol to our meeting and expressed the Board’s appreciation for her work on this important project. Bob explained that Addison County Solid Waste District, which is similar to WSWMD, also participated in this study, along with Chittenden Solid Waste District, which is considerably different from WSWMD. Patrick said the Brattleboro Human Resources staff person reviewed the report, and said it was well done, and very cost effective.

Carol gave an overview of the report findings, which focused on wages and benefits for staff based on a market analysis of similar positions. Carol thanked Vicki and Bob for being responsive to her requests for information, and acknowledged that all of the employees completed a survey outlining their tasks. Carol referred to Appendix B, WSWMD FY21 Proposed Classifications/Grades, as well as Appendix C WSWMD Pay Plan Proposed FY21, which presents minimum and maximum hourly rates for 8 positions, with an industry standard range of 35%. She also referred to her estimate of a Total Implementation Cost of $5,841 to upgrade two positions, Program Manager and Office Manager/Bookkeeper. Bob said that pay for both of those positions has been adjusted accordingly. There was discussion of the pros and cons of step systems, as well as an open range approach. The fact that there are a number of employees that serve in more than one position was discussed, and should be addressed. Hazard pay during COVID-19 pandemic was also discussed and Carol recommended a policy be developed. The use of Department of Corrections “work crew” was also acknowledged as something to consider. Bob will get a copy of Addison County Solid Waste District’s position step system and distribute. Dan said he intends to have a meeting of the Personnel & Policy Committee, hopefully in December, to further discuss implementation of the report recommendations.


  1. Executive Session:


  1. Other Business: None


The meeting was adjourned at 6:40 P.M.


Minutes prepared by Bob Spencer, Executive Director