Event Recycling

Vermont is home to a variety of wonderful fairs, festivals and special community events. These events can range in size from small gatherings to multi-day events and can produce large amounts of waste. Recycling at events saves waste disposal costs, landfill space, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, saves natural resources, and it’s the law. In addition, most people are accustomed to recycling at home and would like to be able to recycle at events they attend.

To assist event planners with recycling, the Windham Solid Waste Management District (WSWMD) lends event trash, recycling, and compost containers and signage for use at events (called Event Recycling Stations). Each station consists of a trash, recycling and composting receptacle. There are two types of event recycling stations (the X3 and corrugated plastic fold down style, shown above). WSWMD provides BPI certified compostable bags for the compost receptacles.

Please see the Event Recycling Bin Lending Policy (pdf) for details. To request use of the bins please use the Event Bins Sign-Out Form (pdf).

Vermont developed standardized symbols for use in promoting the primary materials management streams available under the Universal Recycling law: trash, recycling, food scrap collection, and food donation.  Businesses, haulers, solid waste management entities, parks, schools, and residents are encouraged to download and use the symbols. To view Vermont’s standardized symbols, please visit Universal Recycling Symbols