Banned Electronics

Vermont has banned certain e-waste from municipal solid waste disposal because landfills and incinerators are not designed to properly manage heavy metals.

The following electronic items are not allowed in your trash:
    • Answering Machines
    • Computers (CPU’s, monitors, peripherals)
    • CRT containing devices
    • Digital Converter boxes
    • DVD players
    • E-device power cords and chargers
    • Electronic Game Consoles (xbox, playstations, gameboys, etc.)
    • Fax Machines;
    • PDA’s, MP3’s (& other personal e-devices)
    • Printers, Copiers (Desktop & stand-alone), All-in-Ones
    • Stereo Equipment
    • Telephones (Corded, Wireless & Cell)
    • Televisions
    • VCRs
VERMONT E-cycle program accepted items:
To support electronic waste recycling, the state of VT is subsidizing the disposal of the following banned electronic items, at NO charge.  These are accepted daily at WSWMD during regular business hours.  (Consumer limit: 7/day):
      • Computer Systems (CPU’s, monitors, printers, mouse, keyboard, speakers, scanner, external hard drives)
      • Televisions
      • Electronic device power cords and chargers
      • Cell phones
      • Tablets (Kindle Fire, Kindle, Samsung, etc.)

Consumers, charities, school districts and small businesses that employ 10 or fewer individuals can use the E-Cycles program for free.

See materials accepted for more information and prices on other types of electronics that are not part of the E-Cycles program.

All electronic items must be brought to a VT certified e-waste collection site. The certified collection sites, besides us in Windham County are:

    • Dover Transfer Station
    • Jamaica Transfer Station
    • Whitingham Transfer Station
    • Goodenough Rubbish Removal