Backyard Compost Bins & Kitchen Counter Pails

We sell backyard compost bins and kitchen counter pails all year-round.  Contact us to pick up an “Earth Machine” backyard compost bin and a “Sure-Close” kitchen counter pail to do your composting at home.

Do your part to turn food scraps and yard waste into nutrient rich soil for your garden.  Food and yard waste combined represent about 25% of our waste.  Composting these materials at home, can save money and keep waste out of landfills.

As of July 1, 2020, it is illegal in Vermont to trash your food scraps. Ask us about composting demo workshops–(spring thru fall).

Contact our programs manager at

The “Sure-Close” kitchen collector ($10)

  • Durable, dishwasher-safe, and easy to clean
  • Lid opens and latches closed easily with one hand
  • Lid locks in open position for easier filling
  • Lid perforations allow venting but stop insects
  • Ergonomic handle and back grip for easy use
  • Wide opening allows easy scraping of plates
  • No color choice, may have tan or green cover
  • Cost is $10, available at the scale house

The Earth Machine Backyard Compost Bin ($55)

  • Dimensions: 33″ diameter by 33″ high.
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Volume: 10.5 cubic feet (80 Imperial gallons or 300 litres)
  • Twist-locking, pest-resistant lid
  • Side ventilation
  • Cost is $55, available at the scale house

Jack’s Composter tumbling compost bin ($95)

  • Durable barrel on a steel axle for easy turning
  • Cedar wood, lightweight and long-lasting
  • Black color absorbs sun’s heat
  • More information at
  • Cost is $95, available at the scale house

The Jora Composter insulated tumbler ($300)

  • Cadillac of tumblers
  • High quality enamel steel construction
  • Dual chambers and dual doors
  • Easy rotation
  • Rodent proof design
  • Insulated for better heat management
  • By special order only, with three sizes
  • The small one is model JK125 – 33-gallons, good for a household of 1-4 people: ~$300

The “Green Cone” Solar Digester ($140)

  • Durable two-ply cone with digesting basket below grade
  • No turning required
  • Contains odors
  • Critter resistant
  • Meat, bones, grease and pet waste are acceptable
  • No yard waste
  • Does not make compost
  • Needs to be in a sunny spot

Cash, checks and credit/debit cards accepted.  (Please note that card sales are charged an additional 3% fee.  All sales tax is included in total purchase price).  Please call ahead to reserve your backyard composter. 802-257-0272

Backyard Composting Video