Buy Recycled

It closes the loop! Thanks to all the recycling efforts, recycled materials are being made into all sorts of everyday products and packages that are available on the market right now.


Thanks to you, all sorts of everyday products are being made from materials you’ve recycled. But to keep recycling working and to help the environment, you need to buy those products.

Look for products made from recycled materials, and buy them.


Products Made From Recycled Materials:  Automobiles, food and beverage cans, window frames, door handles, subway cars, license plates,dumpsters, bar bells, coat hangers, screws, knife blades, bridges, cables, playground equipment, shelving engines, shot-puts, escalators, guns, roller skates, and more.


Products Made From Recycled Glass: Asphalt (glassphalt), cement, glass ware, bottles, road base, construction aggregate, fiberglass insulation, tile, bricks, synthetic marble, reflective paint, sewer pipe and making steel.


Products Made From Recycled Plastics:  PET – carpets, fiberfill, geotextiles, deli and bakery trays; HDPE – laundry product bottles, recycling bins, agricultural pipe, bags, motor oil bottles, bases for soft drink bottles.


Products Made From Recycled Paper: more paper, tissue products, and insulation.