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Board of Supervisors

Each town in the District appoints one representative to the Board, as well as an alternate representative. The Board of Supervisors (BOS) meets the second Thursday of the month at 7pm, following the Finance Committee Meeting.  Board members hold their positions for one year and can be reappointed without term limits.

Board members have a number of related responsibilities:

  • To communicate what is happening at the District level to their appropriate town officials as necessary 
  • To support recycling, solid waste, and household hazardous waste (HHW) education and collection programs sponsored by the district 
  • Each board member is encouraged to participate in the Finance and Policy & Personnel Committees

The following is a list of towns and their representatives:

  • Brattleboro-  Patrick Moreland, alternate:  Peter Elwell                          
  • Brookline-  Dan Towler  
  • Dover- Daniel  Ballioti, alternate:  Kevin Stine   
  • Dummerston-  Michelle Cherrier (CHAIR)
  • Guilford- Michael Becker
  • Halifax- Lewis Sumner, alternate: Cara Cheyette
  • Jamaica- Greg Muelemans, alternate: Jessica Pollack
  • Marlboro- Stillman “Stretch” Vonderhorst 
  • Newfane- Doris Knetchel, alternate: Mike Fitzpatrick
  • Putney- Dan Toomey  
  • Readsboro- Jim Damato   
  • Somerset- Ricky Harrington 
  • Stratton- Kent Young   
  • Townshend- Irvin Stowell 
  • Vernon- Sandra Rulewich 
  • Wardsboro-Nancy Meinhard 
  • Westminster- Russ Hodgkins, alternate: Sheldon Beebe 
  • Wilmington- Merrill Mundell
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