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Board of Supervisors

Each town in the District appoints one representative to the Board, as well as an alternate representative.

Board members have a number of related responsibilities:

  • To attend and participate in Board meetings. The WSWMD Board of Supervisors meets the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm. The meetings are held at the WSWMD Conference Room, 327 Old Ferry Road in Brattleboro, (since 4/20-most meetings are through Zoom and meeting notices are advertised in the Deerfield Valley News, The Commons Newspaper, here on our website).
  • As a representative to the board of a municipality serving 18 member towns, to serve the District as a whole, overseeing all aspects of its operation.
  • To communicate what is happening at the District level to their appropriate town officials as necessary.
  • To support recycling, solid waste, and household hazardous waste (HHW) education and collection programs sponsored by the District in their community
  • A representative to the Board of Supervisors is encouraged to participate in one of 2 committees that report to the Board: the Finance Committee and the Personnel/Policy Committee.
  • Representatives to the Board of Supervisors hold office for one year.
  • Appointments and re-appointments are made by town select boards on or before the last Monday in March of each year.
  • Both the primary representative and the alternate may be reappointed to successive terms without limit.
  • An alternate representative may serve in the primary representative’s place when that person is unable to attend a meeting, and has all the rights and privileges of a primary representative in the other’s absence.
  • Each Board member is allowed to cast one vote “for every 3,000 population, or part thereof, in the municipality which he or she represents.”

The following is a list of towns and their representatives:

Brattleboro:Patrick Moreland; alternate: Peter Elwell
Brookline:David Jones
Dover:Daniel Baliotti; alternate: Kevin Stine
Dummerston:Michelle Cherrier
Guilford:Michael Becker
Halifax:Lewis Sumner; alternate: Cara Cheyette
Jamaica:Greg Meulemans; alternate: Jessica Pollack
Marlboro:Stillman “Stretch” Vonderhorst
Newfane:Doris Knechtel; alternate: Mike Fitzpatrick
Putney:Dan Toomey
Readsboro:James Damato
Somerset:Ricky Harrington, Non-voting member
Stratton:Kent Young
Townshend:Irvin Stowell
Vernon:Sandra Rulewich
Wardsboro:Nancy Meinhard
Westminster:Russ Hodgkins; alternate: Sheldon Beebe
WilmingtonMerrill Mundell
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