COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Merrill Mundell, Chair, Wilmington; Patrick Moreland, Brattleboro; James Damato, Readsboro; Russ Hodgkins, Westminster


WSWMD STAFF PRESENT: Bob Spencer, Executive Director; Vicki Hayes, Office Manager/Bookkeeper; Minnie Boadu-Bennett, District Clerk

OTHERS PRESENT: Michelle Cherrier, Dummerston

Mr. Mundell called the meeting to order at 6:03 PM

  1. Changes and/or Additions to Agenda: None.
  1. Approval of Minutes:

Mr. Moreland moved to approve the minutes of May 8th, 2019 as presented, Mr. Hodgkins seconded, and the motion passed (3 votes)

  1. Review of Check Register- May, June, July 2019: Mr. Spencer corrected the following typos: check #27134 should be for preparation of the landfill post closure recertification application and check #27152 should be for Vernon’s HHW expenses. Mr. Damato asked about uniform fees and glass disposal fees. Mr. Hodgkins asked about check #27111 and the reporting of credit card bills. Mr. Moreland asked about medical waste disposal expense, and Ms. Hayes explained that the fees were related to non-commercial sharps disposal and recommended the board consider adopting fees for these items in the future. Mr. Moreland also asked about the Department of Health recommendation to dispose of properly sealed sharps with other household waste. Mr. Spencer explained it is possible and could save disposal costs but is less safe than dedicated sharps disposal. Mr. Hodgkins asked about check #27168, which was the final rental payment towards purchase of the trommel screen. Mr. Damato asked about net metering and electric billing and the committee discussed the solar energy impact thus far. Mr. Damato asked about continued truck repair fees. Mr. Spencer indicated that come budget time it may prove useful to consider subcontracting trucking.

Mr. Moreland moves recommend to the full board check registers for May, June, and July. Mr. Hodgkins seconded and the motion passed (4 votes).

  1. Review of FY 2019 Financial Report-June: Ms. Hayes reviewed the year end financial statements by line item and providing budget-to-actual analysis. Overall, revenue was up 4.5% from budgeted, total expenses were up 3.45% and the fiscal year ended with a surplus of $79.91. Ms. Hayes called attention to unfavorable trends in OCC and REC sales for budgeting FY21, while access stickers and compost sales performed well. Mr. Moreland asked about how health insurance benefits are budgeted. Mr. Spencer provided rationale for a discretionary investment in IT and computer services and answered Mr. Moreland’s question that this level of IT expenditure will not be ongoing. Although budgeted as a single item, Ms. Hayes separated disposal by waste type for this report for clarity and to aid in budget decision-making. Mr. Mundell asked for information about our truck mileage. Mr. Hodgkins asked about overages on training & travel and dues & professional expenses. Ms. Hayes explained that the former would be from mileage for meetings, while the latter is the result of budgeted cutbacks that didn’t occur. Mr. Moreland noted the budgeting error for heating expense. Lastly, Ms. Hayes reported on high repair expenses for the skid steer and backhoe, and for maintaining the driveway.

Mr. Moreland moved to recommend the board of supervisors accept the year and thank the staff for a job well done. Mr. Damato seconded, and the motion passed (4 votes).

  1. Discussion of 2021 Budget Process: For developing the FY21 budget, Ms. Hayes would like a session on fees and revenue and Mr. Spencer would like one on a capital reserve fund. The finance committee will hold two meetings in the month of September, one on the 12th at 6pm and one on the 26th at 6:30.
  1. Executive Session (if needed): None.
  1. Adjournment: Adjourned at 7:00pm

Minnie Boadu-Bennett, District Clerk