picture148After 22 Years of Operation, Member Towns Vote to Close Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).  Costs of Recycling Shifts to Towns

By Bob Spencer, Executive Director 12/12/16

Since 1994, WSWMD has operated a materials recovery facility, or MRF, to sort, bale, and market recyclable materials collected from member towns, as well as from “out-of-district” towns. At the Board of Supervisors meeting on December 8, 2016, the Board voted to cease operation of the MRF at of the end of the fiscal year, June 30, 2017.

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Introducing New Program at WSWMD

Wastecan Willy

"Let's shrink our waste together!"

Are you looking for an opportunity to give-back to your community while being environmentally friendly and developing educational skills? 

This spring, the WSWMD will be launching a brand-new volunteer program! The "Waste Watchers" is a group of dedicated volunteers seeking to educate members of their communities about proper disposal methods and answer the aged old question "Which bin does this go into?" While

managing collection stations they will interact with the public to talk about a variety of subjects surrounding the idea of "waste."

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Universal Recycling Law Survey

The Windham Solid Waste Management District (WSWMD) represents 20 towns in Windham and Bennington Counties and is dedicated to encourage residents, businesses and institutions to recycle, reuse and reduce materials that would otherwise be disposed of in the landfill.  To help improve educational efforts it is important to get your feedback on Vermont's new Universal Recycling Law (Act 148).  Please participate in the survey by visting WSWMD Universal Recycling Law Survey.