The following electronic items are banned from disposal: 


    • Answering Machines;
    • Computers (CPU's, monitors, peripherals);
    • CRT containing devices;
    • Digital Converter boxes;
    • DVD players;
    • E-device power cords and chargers;
    • Electronic Game Consoles (xbox, playstations, gameboys, etc.);
    • Fax Machines;
    • PDA's, MP3's (& other personal e-devices);
    • Printers;
    • Stereo Equipment;
    • Telephones;
    • Televisions;
    • Wireless Phones; and
    • VCR's

The number of obsolete computers, cell phones, and televisions is quickly growing. In the US alone, 60 million computers will be deemed "obsolete" by their original owners within this year and next. The sheer volume plus the fact that these  devices contain toxic materials (i.e. lead, mercury, and chromium), makes landfill disposal or incineration a careless solid waste management practice. Recycling is the way to go.