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Project C.O.W. provides a way for residents, businesses,

and schools to recycle food scraps and other organic materials.


Compost the following items at WSWMD:


Food Scraps Non-Recycable Paper & Cardboard
Bread/Rolls/Crackers Used Tissues & Paper Towels
Rice/Pasta/Beans Milk/Juice Cartons
Egg Shells Soiled or Waxed Cardboard
Cheese/Dairy Products Soiled/Damp/Wet/Waxed Paper
Fruits & Vegtables Paper Plates & Cups
Coffee Grounds and Filters Cardboard Egg Cartons
Tea Bags Frozen Food Containers
Cooking Oils & Fats (solidified) Sugar or Flour Bags (with out plastic liners)
Cooked or Raw Meats & Fish (including Bones)  

Other Compostables: Certified compostable bags and small amounts of pet waste are ok - the equivalent to 1 box of kitty litter per week. 

Plastic Bags, Plastic Wrappers, Liquids, Aluminum Foil, Plastic Utensils, Trash, Metal, Glass and Styrofoam

*Do Not recycle leaves, grass and brush in C.O.W. dumpsters.