Policy and Personnel Committee Meeting

February 18, 2016 DRAFT Agenda

Day/date/time:                        Thursday, February 18, 2016, 7:00 pm

Committee members present: Nancy Meinhard, Jan Ameen, David Jones, Michelle Cherrier-Chair

WSWMD staff present:           Bob Spencer, Vicki Hayes, Kristen Benoit

Board of Supervisors attendees: Lou Bruso                        Visitor attendees:


Tonight’s agenda:

1. Agenda Additions/Changes

2. Approval of Minutes – January 21, 2016

   Prior meeting minutes moved, seconded and approved.

3. Continue discussion regarding these items and questions pertaining to policies in the Personnel Handbook:

  1. Review with to the committee, give an “example employee” paperwork packet that is provided once a person is hired.

Does it identify or define who is the Board of Supervisors?

Do employees receive their own copy of the Personnel Handbook, or are they shown where they can always find a copy?

How are employees notified if there are updates to the Handbook, or are they simply posted? How frequently?

  1. Regarding the Pg. 15 Urgent Care Provider: is this information provided in the new employee paperwork packet? Is it posted? Should the provider be named in the Personnel Handbook?
  1. SEP discussion: how long has the employee benefit been 5%? Is it paid annually as indicated in the P.H. or is paid bi-weekly as we surmised from the check registers? Does the employee have a choice of investment? If so, does this mean we have to pay multiple investors?
  2. Should we stay with 5% contribution?
  3. Are there other retirement plans, offered by the state of VT or VLCT?

4. Executive session (if needed)

Vote 1: is business detrimental to WSWMD to discuss in open, public meeting?        

Vote 2: shall we enter executive session?

5. Other business as legally allowed

6. Adjournment  

 NOTE: the next Policy & Personnel committee meeting is [not assigned]

Provided by Michelle Cherrier 01/23/16      

WSWMD Policy Comm meeting DRAFT agenda 02/18/16.docx