Policy and Personnel Committee Meeting

January 21, 2016 UNAPPROVED Minutes

Day/date/time:                        Thursday, January 21, 2016, 7:05 pm

Committee members present: Nancy Meinhard, Jan Ameen, David Jones, Michelle Cherrier-Chair

WSWMD staff present:            none

Board of Supervisors attendees: none                                    Visitor attendee: none


Tonight’s agenda:

1. Agenda Additions/Changes Per Bob Spencer – add to RTW (return to work) MRF sort tasks list: with proper training, operate the baler.

2. Approval of Minutes – November 19, 2015

   Prior meeting minutes moved, seconded and approved.

The December 17, 2015 meeting was cancelled due to a lack of quorum.

3. Continue discussion and refine wording for employee benefits and current policies in the Personnel Handbook.

  1. Reviewed the Personnel Handbook during this meeting, sections page 2 (A2 Definitions), page 15 (E3 Employee Benefits) and 17 (E7 Holiday). Refined the wording for ‘Floating Holidays’.
  2. Reviewed, refined and revised the wording of specific sections of the Personnel Handbook, to create a pellucid and uniform presentation of Section E3 Employee Benefits.
  3. Review and clarify definitions for Exempt and Non-exempt employees
  4. 12/10/15 by Chairman Lou Bruso: Discussed briefly two-day Thanksgiving holiday (Thursday and Friday), as a two day shutdown causes backups on the sorting lines, which then requires overtime. The committee agrees that the two day holiday is detrimental to operations, and will likely recommend resuming business on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and to increase the 2 Floating Holidays to 3 Floating Holidays.

The following agenda items were not addressed and will be taken up at future meetings.

  1. Insert appropriate wording wherever necessary to define that the first 90 days of employment are probationary, which is not covered by benefits.
  2. Create a chart clarifying part-time health benefits costs and how to calculate.
  3. Research how to confirm marital status, including common law, for health insurance benefits.
  4. Review the VMERS (VT state retirement plan), and evaluate the WSWMD optional Retirement Plan; consider if we should belong to the VMERS plan.
  5. Follow up with Jan Ameen and examine in more detail how the WSWMD classifications are determined for Workers Compensation rates.

4. Executive session (if needed) None

Vote 1: is business detrimental to WSWMD to discuss in open, public meeting?        

Vote 2: shall we enter executive session?

5. Other business as legally allowed None

6. Adjournment  8:43 pm

NOTE: the next Policy & Personnel committee meeting is earmarked for Thu 02/18/16 7:00, based on participant availability.

Provided by Michelle Cherrier 01/29/16          

WSWMD Policy Comm meeting draft agenda 01/21/