Policy and Personnel Committee Meeting

March 17, 2016 DRAFT Agenda

Day/date/time:                        Thursday, March 17, 2016, 7:00 pm

Committee members present: Nancy Meinhard, Jan Ameen, David Jones, Michelle Cherrier-Chair

WSWMD staff present:           Bob Spencer, Vicki Hayes

Board of Supervisors attendees:                         Visitor attendees:


Tonight’s agenda:

1. Agenda Additions/Changes

2. Approval of Minutes – February 18, 2016

3. Continue discussion regarding these items and questions pertaining to policies in the Personnel Handbook:

  1. Continue retirement fund SEP discussion:

How is the employee advised regarding their choice of investments?

WHAT payment methods are available to the employee?

How does this interact with AFLAC (the additional insurance option)?

Is/How is SEP reported as a line item on a W-2? V.Hayes will research and report.

Is it a tax reporting requirement?  V.Hayes will research and report.

Can our payroll company handle this? V.Hayes will research and report.

Are the SEP retirement funds not taxable because taxes are only paid when the retirement funds are withdrawn?

Recommend to BoS: SET a time limit for employees to sign up for SEP; ex: must sign up within 90 days, after they’ve completed their 90-day probation period.

Should we continue with 5% contribution?

  1. AFLAC discussion:   Can an employee have their entire SEP 5% invested at their bank, and have the additional insurance through AFLAC be a payroll deduction?

Questions for AFLAC or possibly Brattleboro finance manager John O’Connor: how do they handle employee payment of AFLAC ? Does AFLAC have any payment rules or requirements?

  1. What is the retirement plan is offered by the state of VT to municipalities? VMERS (VT Municipal Employee Retirement System). M. Cherrier will research and report to committee.

COST (yearly) of these each of these benefits: V.Hayes will research and report.

  1. Review the scope of the Administrative Practices documentation.

Who maintains or has input, who has access?

Include the chart which clarifies part-time health benefits costs and how to calculate.

4. Executive session (if needed)

Vote 1: is business detrimental to WSWMD to discuss in open, public meeting?        

Vote 2: shall we enter executive session?

5. Other business as legally allowed

6. Adjournment  

NOTE: the next Policy & Personnel committee meeting is [not assigned]

Provided by Michelle Cherrier 03/14/16       WSWMD Policy Comm meeting DRAFT agenda 03/17/16