Policy/Personnel Committee

The Policy/Personnel Committee is composed of the committee Chair, and other members from the Board of Supervisors who elect to serve.  The Committee meets on an as needed basis.  The Scope of the Policy/Personnel Committee is as follows:

•  The Policy/Personnel Committee is responsible for maintaining relevant personnel policies for the WSWMD.  This includes researching and writing personnel policies in an effort to provide clear instructions and protocol for WSWMD employees.  The committee is responsible for writing and updating job descriptions and wage scales for employees.  All policies generated by this committee are subject to approval by the Board of Supervisors.  The committee may also play a role in District responses to claims of harassment (sexual or not), and other employee appeals and grievances.

The Policy/Personnel Committee is comprised of the following Board members:

  • Dan Toomey, Chair, Town of Putney
  • Michelle Cherrier, Town of Dummerston
  • David Jones, Town of Brookline
  • Nancy Meinhard, Town of Wardsboro