COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Merrill Mundell, Chair, Wilmington; Cheryl Franklin, Guilford; Tony Gordon, Marlboro; Jim Damato, Readsboro; and Jan Ameen, Westminster.


WSWMD STAFF PRESENT: Bob Spencer, Executive Director; Kristen Benoit, Program Coordinator/District Clerk; Dale Bessette, Truck Driver/Scalehouse Attendant.

OTHERS PRESENT: Gig Zboray, Whitingham/Readsboro

Mr. Mundell called the Meeting to order at 6:01 p.m.

1) Changes and/or Additions to Agenda: None

2) Approval of Minutes of December 14, 2017: Motion made, seconded, and carried to approve the Minutes of December 14, 2017.

3) Review of February 2018 Check Register: The Finance Committee reviewed and discussed various expenditures on the Check Register.  

4) Review February 2018 Financials and MRF Closure Costs: The Finance Committee reviewed and discussed February 2018 Financial Report and MRF closure costs. It was noted MRF closing costs are tracking favorable to the $94,000 estimated cost. Mr. Spencer noted a grant, from the state, was utilized to construct the MRF and language in the original grant agreement states that money may be owed back to the state if the MRF is sold or closes prior to the expiration of it’s “useful life.” Depreciation on all improvements has been calculated. Mr. Spencer will work with legal counsel to draft a letter to the state and obtain an amount, if any, owed. The Finance Committee discussed 4th quarter assessment payments for the MRF closure and agreed to bill member towns for the 4th quarter MRF closure assessment in May, not April, after the District determines if money is owed to the state for the original MRF grant. Ms. Ameen expressed her opinion that if no additional costs are required for MRF closure that WSWMD should not bill the towns for the 4th quarter payment. Ms. Franklin agreed.

5) Update on Loan Status: Mr. Spencer reported the Community Bank loan is paid in full. The payment is listed on February’s check register.

6) Discuss Winhall Exit Costs: Mr. Spencer informed the Finance Committee that Town of Winhall has an outstanding balance for withdrawal costs. The Finance Committee discussed Winhall’s withdrawal costs.

Motion, made, seconded, and carried the District inform the Town of Winhall WSWMD Executive Board would like to have a joint meeting to discuss Winhall’s withdrawal costs before we proceeded any further.

7) Update on Future Role of Compost Operations – What is needed next: Mr. Spencer informed the Finance Committee WSWMD FY 2019 Budget has a line item for capital reserves of $52,000 from the solar lease. Mr. Spencer explained the District applied for a USDA grant to subsidize the purchase of a compost mixer, one of the most essential equipment needs for WSWMD composting operations as it would accelerate the composting processes, increase volume to be processed, and produces a better compost product. The total cost of a mixer, with site improvements, could exceed $100,0000. An RFP would be issued to manufacturers of mixers. The Finance Committee discussed future composting operations and the cost benefits of certain capital improvements. Mr. Spencer agreed to prepare a plan and budget estimate for equipment and improvements to the composting operation, including a mixer, a building enclosure, an aeration system, a front-end-loader, and a compost screen.

8) Executive Session (if needed): None

9) Next Financial Committee Meeting: Thursday, April 12th at 6:00 pm.

10) Other Business as Legally Allowed: None

11) Adjournment: Motion made, seconded, and carried to adjourn the Meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 6:56 p.m.


Kristen Benoit, District Clerk