COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Merrill Mundell, Chair, Wilmington; Cheryl Franklin, Guilford; Louis Bruso, Jr., Jamaica; Tony Gordon, Marlboro; Jim Damato, Readsboro; Tim Franklin, Vernon; and Jan Ameen, Westminster.


WSWMD STAFF PRESENT: Bob Spencer, Executive Director; Kristen Benoit, Program Coordinator/District Clerk; Phil Baker, Scalehouse Attendant; and Skip Bonnett, Assistant Operations Manager/Lead Truck Driver, Vicki Hayes, Admin/Bookkeeper, Dale Bessette, MRF Sorter.

OTHERS PRESENT: John Allen, Brattleboro Representative and Peter Elwell, Brattleboro Town Manager, Michelle Cherrier, Dummerston Representative, Anne Manwaring, Wilmington Selectboard, Rebecca Stone, Readsboro Town Administrator.

Mr. Mundell called to Meeting order at 5:30 p.m.

1) Changes and/or Additions to Agenda: None

2) Approval of Minutes from 2/9/17: Motion made, seconded, and carried to approve the Minutes of February 9, 2017, as amended.

3) Review of February 2017 Check Register: The Finance Committee reviewed and discussed various expenditures on the check register.

4) Review of February 2017 Financials: The Finance Committee reviewed and discussed the WSWMD Financial Statements for the Eight Months ending February 28, 2017, including the deficit, net asset value, prepaid assessments, cash on hand, post-closure liability, short-term loans, and MRF closure costs. Ms Ameen requested follow up information on the Convenience Center Salaries and Trucking Salaries and Hauling fees.   Ms. Hayes agreed to research those items.

5) Consider annual review of fees per Charter: Mr. Spencer discussed increased costs for incoming recyclable tonnage. ANR will not allow charges for recycling. The committee discussed other options that could be increased with out directly charging for recycling. Mr. Elwell made a recommendation to increase some of the fee items to increase revenue. Ms. Cherrier expressed the desire from Dummerston to not increase access fees at this time. This item to be further discussed at the Board of Supervisors meeting.

6) Consider Short Term Loan and repayment options: Mr. Spencer discussed the Peoples Bank loan approval of $150,000.00 to cover operating cash deficit, with a 12 month payback at 2%, payments due quarterly. Per initial loan terms, the loan was to be collateralized by the taxing powers of the district. There was reluctance by the committee to recommend a special assessment for payback. There was agreement to reduce the loan to $75,000.00 to be paid back with sale of MRF equipment, solar lease payment, MRF closure CD, and increase in Convenience Center fees. Mr. Spencer said that Peoples Bank may require that the loan be collateralized by tax assessment, but the District could repay the loan with other funds, and he and Mr. Bruso will talk to the bank loan officer.

7) Consider potential for MRF Operations: There was discussion on whether or not there were enough towns interested in participating in an agreement to operate the MRF on a fee for service basis. Mr. Damato expressed Readsboro’s desire to continue the operation, and read a statement from the Readsboro Selectboard requesting MRF operations be continued. This item to be discussed at the full Board meeting.

8) Executive Session (if needed): None.

9) Next Finance Committee Meeting: April 13, 2017 @ 5:30 PM

10) Other Business as Legally Allowed: None.

11) Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned @ 6:55PM

Vicki Hayes