BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Michelle Cherrier, Chair, Dummerston; Jan Ameen, Vice Chair, Westminster; David Jones, Brookline; Lester Dunklee, Dummerston; Cheryl Franklin, Guilford; Lewis Sumner, Halifax; Tony Gordon, Marlboro; Dan Toomey, Putney; James Damato, Readsboro; Irvin Stowell, Townshend; Nancy Meinhard, Wardsboro; Gig Zboray, Whitingham and Readsboro; and Merrill Mundell, Wilmington

BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT: John Allen and Brandie Starr, Brattleboro; Thomas Baltrus and Kevin Stine, Dover; Sheila Morse, Guilford; Cara Cheyette, Halifax; Judy Flower and Andy Coyne, Jamaica; Stillman Vonderhorst, Marlboro; Shannon Meckle, Newfane; Albert Dupell, Stratton; Dale West, Townshend; Tim Franklin and Emily Vergobbe, Vernon; and Tom Consolino, Wilmington

WSWMD STAFF PRESENT: Robert Spencer, Executive Director, Kristen Benoit, Program Coordinator/District Clerk; and Dale Bessette, Scalehouse Attendant/Truck Driver


Ms. Cherrier called the Meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

  1. Changes to the Agenda: The Board agreed to add the following agenda items:
  • Discuss Winhall Withdrawal Costs (Agenda item #13)
  • Consider Contract with TAM Waste Management for Composting Paper Sludge (Agenda item #14)

Motion made, seconded, and carried to approve the Minutes of February 8th. There were 3 abstentions.

3) Approval of Check Register – February 2018:

Motion made, seconded, and carried to approve the February Check Register.

4) Financial Report Review – February 2018: The Board of Supervisors reviewed and discussed the Financial Report.  

Motion made, seconded, and carried to accept the February Financial Report.

5) Program Coordinator’s Report:Ms. Benoit reported on the newly updated WSWMD website, radio ads for the multi-media campaign, new signage for the recycling roll-off containers, request for proposals (RFP) for legal services, RFP for scrap tire recycling, RFP for hazardous waste collections, selectboard quarterly newsletter, SWIP grant, business outreach, and Charter requirements for Board of Supervisor appointments.

6) Executive Director’s Report:Mr. Spencer reported that due to reduced work load due to the MRF closure the Executive Board approved his request to reduce his hours from 32 to 24 hours per week, accept for emergency work, and subject to review in June. He also said that Vicki Hayes, Office Manager/Bookkeeper, hours have been reduced from 28 to 21 hours per week. Mr. Spencer also reported: two high definition security cameras with recorders were installed to monitor the recycling areas; updates on composting operation including carbon sources and odor control; cardboard baling operations; increase in single steam recycling tip fee to $105/ton (higher than trash tip fee of $102.50/ton), and the 8-hour Hazwoper refresher training being held at WSWMD on Friday, March 15th.

7) Update on Solar Project: Mr. Spencer informed the Board Sky Solar, through GranSolar, hired two onsite project managers. In addition, Evans Construction, Inc. was hired to construct storm water controls, and temporary and permanent roadways. Mr. Spencer noted there have been some erosion issues with sediment getting into storm drains. The issues have been documented by KAS, Inc., WSWMD’s landfill engineer, and corrective actions are being taken.

8) Update on Act 148 Amendments: Mr. Spencer reported on proposed changes to Act 148, Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law, including changes to the “fast trash” definition, changes to the hauler requirement to collect yard waste, and elimination of the hauler requirement to collect organics.

9) Consider Policy on Preparing Minutes for Meeting with No Quorum: The Board discussed preparing minutes for meetings with no quorum.

Motion made, seconded, and carried not to prepare Minutes for meetings with no quorum. There was 1 abstention.

10) Consider New Legal Counsel Due to Retirement of Attorney Chris Callahan: Mr. Spencer informed the Board WSWMD released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Legal Services due to the recent retirement of Attorney Chris Callahan. WSWMD received five proposals in response to the RFP. The Executive Board reviewed and discussed the proposals at its March 14th special meeting and is recommending the District contract with the law firm of Tarrant, Gillies & Richardson for its legal services. It was noted the engagement letter for legal services with Tarrant, Gillies & Richardson listed the legal assistant’s hourly rate incorrectly.

Motion made, seconded, and carried to authorize the Chair of the Board to sign the engagement letter with the law firm of Tarrant, Gillies & Richardson, upon correction of the legal assistant’s hourly rate.

11) Consider Extension of Triple T Contract for Waste Disposal and Recycling Services: Mr. Spencer informed the Board the waste disposal and recycling services contract with Triple T Trucking expires in August 2018. Mr. Spencer noted the contract has a 2-year extension option. Triple T Trucking is requesting a hauling increase of $10.00 per pull. The Board discussed the waste disposal and recycling services contract extension.

Motion made, seconded, and carried to authorize the Chair to sign a 2-year extension with Triple T Trucking pending consultation with legal counsel.

12) Consider Reduction in Annual Access Sticker Fee to $20.00 for Balance of Fiscal Year: The Board of Supervisors discussed reducing the annual access sticker fee. The Board was not supportive of reducing the fee for the balance of the fiscal year.

Motion made and seconded to reduce the access sticker fee to $20.00. Motion withdrawn.

13) Consider Winhall Withdrawal Costs: Mr. Mundell informed the Board the Town of Winhall has an outstanding balance for withdrawal costs of approximately $7,000. The Finance Committee is recommending WSWMD Executive Board meet with the Town of Winhall Selectboard to discuss the outstanding balanced.  

Motion made, seconded, and carried the Executive Board meet with the Town of Winhall to discuss the outstanding withdrawal costs.

14) Consider Contract with TAM Waste Management for Crane & Company Paper Sludge: Mr. Spencer reported the District currently composts Crane & Company paper sludge, from Dalton Massachusetts, that exceeds TAM Waste Management’s capacity to process the sludge under contract to Crane & Company.  Mr. Spencer stated TAM Waste Management would like to reduce the current tip fee from $15/ton to $10/ton in exchange for an increase in tons delivered. Mr. Spencer noted operational issues associated with the paper sludge such as purchasing more wood chips, purchasing high carbon wood ash, and odor control. The Board was not supportive of reducing the current tip fee.

15) Committee Reports (if needed): None

16) Executive Session (if needed): None

17) Other Business as Legally Allowed: None

18) Adjournment:

Motion made, seconded and carried to adjourn the meeting:

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Kristen Benoit

Program Coordinator/District Clerk

Program Coordinator/District Clerk