BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Jan Ameen, Acting Chair, Westminster; John Allen, Brattleboro; Michelle Cherrier and Lester Dunklee, Dummerston; Cheryl Franklin, Guilford; Lewis Sumner and Cara Cheyette, Halifax; Andy Coyne, Jamaica; Stillman Vonderhorst, Marlboro; Dan Toomey, Putney; James Damato, Readsboro; Gig Zboray, Readsboro and Whitingham; Irvin Stowell, Townshend; Tim Franklin, Vernon; Nancy Meinhard, Wardsboro; Clyde Twitchell, Whitingham; and Merrill Mundell, Wilmington.

BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT: Brandie Starr, Brattleboro; David Jones, Brookline; Thomas Baltrus, Dover; Sheila Morse, Guilford; Tony Gordon, Marlboro; Judy Flower, Jamaica; Shannon Meckle, Newfane; Albert Dupell, Stratton; Dale West, Townshend; Tom Consolino, Wilmington; and Scott Bushee, Winhall.

WSWMD STAFF PRESENT: Robert Spencer, Executive Director, Kristen Benoit, Program Coordinator/District Clerk; and Dale Bessette, MRF Sorter/Substitute Scalehouse Attendant/Substitute Truck Driver.

OTHERS PRESENT: Deb Darby, Organix Solutions and Wendy Levy, The Commons Newspaper.

Ms. Ameen called the Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

1) Changes to the Agenda: The Board agreed to following Agenda changes:

  • Financial Review (#6)
  • Non-payment of Assessments by the Town of Whitingham (#7)
  • Consider Requiring an Access Permit for Use of Convenience Center and Extended Hours of Operation (#8)
  • Sale of MRF Equipment (#9)
  • Distribution of Recycling Roll-off Containers (#10)

2) Consider Election of Board Chair: There were no volunteers for Board Chair.

3) Green Bag Organix, Presentation by Deb Darby, Organix Solutions ( Ms. Darby gave a presentation to the Board on Organix green compostable collection bags which are designed for co-collection with trash.

4) Approval of Minutes – May 11, 2017 – Motion made, seconded, and carried to accept the minutes of May 11th as amended. There was 1 abstention.

5) Approval of Check Register – May 2017. Mr. Spencer reported on various expenditures on the Check Register.

Motion made, seconded, and carried to approve the May Check Register.

6) Financial Report Review – May 2017: The Board of Supervisors reviewed and discussed the Financial Report.  

Motion made, seconded, and carried to accept the Financial Report as presented.

7) Discuss Whitingham’s Assessment Payment: Mr. Mundell informed the Board the Town of Whitingham presently owes two quarterly assessment payments.   Ms. Ameen stated WSWMD Charter allows the District to charge interest and penalties on unpaid assessments. It was noted a Special Executive Board Meeting would be held on Tuesday, June 27th with the Town of Whitingham Selectboard to discuss their non-payment and District services.

8) Consider Requiring an Access Permit for Use of Convenience Center and Extended Hours of Operation: The Board discussed requiring access stickers for use of the facility.

Motion made and seconded to reevaluate WSWMD fees and if a customer, without an access sticker, comes in with one fee-based item for disposal or recycling, they are not required to purchase a day pass/access sticker. There were 4 yeas. The motion failed.

Motion made, seconded, and carried that all customers be required to purchase a day pass or access sticker regardless of existing disposal/recycling fee, exempting items mandated by law to accept free of charge.  

The Board discussed extending hours at WSWMD Convenience Center.

Motion made, seconded, and carried to increase hours at the transfer station if it does not increase expenses.

9) Consider Sale of MRF Equipment: The Board discussed the sale of MRF equipment.  

Motion made and seconded to sell the MRF equipment, based on a prepared list, which will be presented to the Board in July. Motion withdrawn.

Motion made, seconded, and carried WSWMD staff would prepare a list of equipment with estimated market values. The list will be reviewed by the Board and discussed at the July Board Meeting.

10) Distribution of Recycling Roll-off Containers. Ms. Benoit distributed a schedule showing dates the recycling roll-off containers would be removed from each community.  The Board reviewed the final pick-up dates.

11) Executive Director’s Report:Mr. Spencer reported on solar project updates.

12) Program Coordinator’s Report:Ms. Benoit reported on various programs including event recycling at Strolling of the Heifers, composting workshops, spring household hazardous waste collection, grants, and Product Stewardship Institute. Ms. Benoit asked the Board to approve a $600 invoice for the contract with the Product Stewardship Institute to develop an Extended Producer Responsibility law for hazardous waste.

Motion made, seconded, and carried to approve the payment of the $600 invoice to the Product Stewardship Institute.

13) Executive Session (if needed): None

14) Other Business as Legally Allowed: None

15) Adjournment: Motion made, seconded and carried to adjourn the meeting:The meeting was adjourned at 8:56 p.m.

Kristen Benoit, District Clerk